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Psychic Investigators

Psychics lend a hand to police departments stumped by difficult crimes in this series that dramatizes real-life cases.

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The program documents real-life cases of situations in which police departments have enlisted the aid of psychics in solving difficult cases. The series production does not investigate the claims of the psychics showcased or confirm their claims. For entertainment it instead recreates some of the atmosphere surrounding psychic claims using a selection of well recognized intuitives, crime psychics, psychic detectives and supporters of paranormal beliefs. A cross section of paranormal psychics are profiled though most are women who typically are engaged as self-described psychic mediums communicating with the dead.

Annie BradleyJohn LaRose
Tarioa Van WeesenbeekPhil JordanFrank LongoRobert NolanJoAnn NordstromPeter BrandtNaomi HewerDave EdwardsTrevor BenhamUrsula CampbellBob CracknellDavid FickweilerBrad HamptonNorman LuckNatalie RoySara Jean BarrettDerek A. ConradTrent DeeGeoff FalkRodrick HershRose KoppYanike MannLaurie McQuaryGeorge O'BartsPaul PuzzellaAllen ReedGale St. JohnArnita WilliamsTommy BechtoldRobin FrigeriJack GattanellaTom GilbertJessica HanselmanSharon JohnsMary KennedyTommy KennedyDavid RedsickerJean BarrettJohn BennetLee Ann BreadingCraig CyrKaren DandurantTonya DoddsMercy Edwards
Nov 1 2015