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The Imposter

An investigator sets out to unravel a mystery about a 13-year-old boy who vanished in Texas only to show up three years later in Spain.

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In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappears without a trace from San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later he is found alive, thousands of miles away in a village in southern Spain, with a story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home, But all is not quite as it seems. The boy bears many of the same distinguishing marks he always had, but why does he now have a strange accent? Why does he look so different? And why doesn't the family seem to notice these glaring inconsistencies? It's only when an investigator starts asking questions that this strange tale takes an even stranger turn... 

Bart Layton
Frederic BourdinAdam O' BrianCarey GibsonAnna RubenBeverly DollarhideCathy DresbachCharlie ParkerAlan TeichmanNancy FisherIvan Villanueva
Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Crime Documentaries, British Movies
Nov 10 2014