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A washed-up voice-over actor and former child star finds his true calling when he poses as a high school guidance counselor.

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David Gold, 36, a pathologically immature former child actor, has never been able to get over high school. Today, he was just diagnosed with skin cancer and got fired from the last acting gig he could get. Desperate for money and with nothing else to lose, he fakes his resume, and gets a job as a high school guidance counselor. The students of Grusin High love him - it might be because he drinks and smokes with them. But this is just the beginning of his downward spiral. When he meets Jabrielle, a teenage outcast who's just as screwed up as he is, he might learn that in the company of teenagers, sometimes you can go too far, especially when it comes to committing a ridiculous crime.

Pat Mills
Pat MillsZahra BenthamKevin HanchardTracey HoytDavid TompaDavid WontnerEleanor ZichyAlex OzerovLaytrel McMullenIan MatthewsJen GoodhueAllison HossackMaria VacratsisTimm Zemanek
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Nov 24 2015