New Arrivals

Here's a list of the best new arrivals on Netflix. You're welcome.
Season 2
The Shannara Chronicles
Jan 22
Season 2

The Shannara Chronicles

After the destruction of civilization, three young heroes become Earth's last hope for salvation when a massive force of demons threatens the planet.

[...] what becomes more and more fascinating about the show episode to episode is how it passes itself off as high fantasy, middle earth drama when, in reality, the show's a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series with a hint of sci-fi.

Bad Day for the Cut

A middle-aged Irish farmer, who still lives at home with his mother, sets off on a mission of revenge when the old lady is murdered.

Manages to develop its own distinct flavor while fitting snugly into the general tradition of latter-day U.K. gangster pics, with their rueful humor, colorful characters and realistically nasty violence.


In this heart-wrenching documentary, a 28-year-old Ph.D. student turns the camera on herself to capture her struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome.

She [director Jennifer Brea] structures the film around footage from her own video diaries; these excerpts personalize the medical lesson and give the film an emotional core.

Before I Wake

Still mourning the death of their son, Mark and Jessie welcome foster child Cody into their lives. Soon they discover he has a strange ability.

What’s most impressive about Before I Wake is not its well-delivered series of scary’s how grounded and sincere the film is about the nature of loss, the power of parental love, and the kindness that a child needs in the face of overwhelming tragedy.

Marie Antoinette

The film explores the effects of a luxurious yet terribly confining lifestyle on the young queen and ultimately led to her undoing.

Given Coppola's fashion-first approach, it's a miracle the film doesn't feel more like a long perfume ad. But the movie has atmosphere, beauty, spirit, and exquisite production design, photography, and editing.