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Love Rain

A story of two couples' journey of new love, loss and unexpected reunion spans decades, from the 1970s through present day.

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Love Rain is a story which takes place in two time periods, the first is in the 1970's which tells the love story of two university students Seo In-ha and Kim Yoon-Hee. After a series of events the couple are separated. The time is then moved forward to 2012 where the story revolves around Seo Joon, the son of In Ha and Jung Ha Na the daughter of Kim Yoon-Hee. Joon and Ha Na then fall in love but In-Ha is still in love with Kim Yoon-Hee, unknowing that their children are in love In Ha then attempts to track down Kim Yoon-Hee for the first time in thirty years.

Seok-ho YunYoon Suk Ho
Keun Suk JangYoonaShi-hoo KimJin-yeong JeongShin Ji HoIn-guk SeoOh Seung YoonBo-ra HwangYu Hye-RiIn-Ha KwonLee Mi-sookJi-il ParkEun-seo SonYoung-kwang KimChan Ho LeeByung-joon LeeMi-suk LeeSe-young ParkTae-kyeong KangEun-Ae Koo
South korea
Oct 17 2016
Best New Actor (In-guk Seo)
Korea Drama Awards