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In this acclaimed drama, Emmy winner Glenn Close is riveting as a morally challenged lawyer extraordinaire who rules the New York legal scene.

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While still pursuing big litigation cases, high-powered attorney Patty Hewes has been caring for her granddaughter and experiencing a second chance at raising a child. However, that may end when Patty's son, Michael, sues for custody of the little girl. When Patty's protege, Ellen Parsons, agrees to testify as a character witness for Michael at the custody trial, Patty scrambles to prevent her from taking the stand, fearing that Ellen will reveal Patty's secrets. To prevent the testimony, Patty refers Channing McClaren, a famous computer hacker, to Ellen, knowing that she will not be able to resist taking on such a high-profile client having just launched her own firm. When Patty files a lawsuit against McClaren--whom Ellen has agreed to represent--the judge in the custody case rules that Ellen cannot take the stand until the McClaren case is resolved.

Glenn Kessler
Glenn CloseRose ByrneTate DonovanTed DansonAnastasia GriffithMichael Nouri
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Nov 10 2014